About Roesner Pty Ltd

Roesner Pty Ltd of Harvey, Western Australia, the manufacturers of Marshall Spreaders have been in operation for 117 years. Founded by Arthur E. Roesner in Harvey, Western Australia, the company’s original focus was blacksmithing, coach building and manufacturing and repair of farm machinery.

Maximise your production

In today’s changing agricultural market, it is of paramount importance to gain maximum production from your on-farm inputs. Precision placement of fertilisers play a vital role in this equation. Fertiliser spreaders are key to minimising damaging environmental run-off, ensuring long term soil productivity, and reducing fuel and labour costs.

The Marshall Multispread is an agricultural machinery that is perfectly adapted to these changing conditions, providing Australian farmers with a cost effective and efficient method of spreading a variety of fertilisers and seeds including granulated fertilisers such as Urea and Superphosphate, Lime, Gypsum, Dolomite, Manures, Sawdust, Sand, and seeds such as wheat, barley, lupins and clover.