About Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA)

Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA) is a truly unique business with a vision to close the Precision Agriculture loop and ensure farmers obtain profit and production gains through the use of data and the implementation of Variable Rate Technology (VRT).

We specialize in the implementation of precision farming practices, to improve the bottom line of the grower and to help achieve more sustainable farming practices. PAA consists of a team of engineers and field technicians with a wealth of experience in Precision Agriculture operating alongside a network of associated Agronomy consultants.

We service the whole of Western Australia, and provide hardware and software solutions for clients in Eastern Australia and overseas. The PAA approach to Precision Ag is to provide a service that integrates the three essential components critical to the success of implementing VRT as shown below:

Data Services
PAA provides specialist EM and Gamma survey services along with expertise in handling and processing Yield Data and NVDI data, ensuring our fully leverage their Agronomic data.

Consultation and Prescriptions
Precision Agronomics works with a network of independent Agronomy partners to assist at interpretation and the creation of prescription maps that optimise yield potential.

Machinery Integration
We have experience in the field integration of Variable Rate controllers through our standalone i4M system and the Tier 1 OEMs.